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Kahlo Bordeaux Pull Up

Classic clogs on brown original bottom
26 Customer Reviews
  • Kahlo classic clogs in bordeaux pull up leather made on brown Original bottoms.
    • Bordeaux pull up leather
    • Brown stained Troentorp Clogs' Original bottoms
    • Anatomically constructed footbed with arch support
    • Alderwood footbed for ultimate moist absorption
    • Heel Height: 5.5 cm (2.2 inches)
    • Width: Regular
  • Our regular width clogs and sandals usually fit well for a medium width foot.

    For more info please see our Size Guide with measurements.

  • EU & USA: We ship with Fedex and the 
delivery time is normally 2 - 5 working days. Free shipping.

    Rest of the world: We ship with PostNord and the shipping time depends on your country but it is normally 5 - 15 working days.

Size guide

Wondering what size to get? Have a look in our size tables. Please note that we recomend half a size bigger for closed back clogs (Van Gogh & Picasso).

Women Sizes

Women's Clog Size Table

Men Sizes

Men's Clog Size Table

how to measure your foot length

  • Stand with the heel to a wall and put a measuring tape under your foot
  • Check what the length is by your longest toe
  • If you are between two sizes, choose the higher size
Foot measuring

Ratings & reviews


4.5/5 Based on 26 reviews
- 2 months ago
I have been buying Troentorp clogs for over a decade. They are comfortable, sturdy and health wise are GREAT for my feet! (I work in the medical field). I buy my family these shoes since they also work in the medical field & on their feet most of the day and they love them too! One got a doctor and other nurses to buy them :)! THANK You!!!
Michael Russell - 2 months ago
Quality product,fair price,looks amazing! And fast shipping to the states!
Howard Held - 2 months ago
The website was easy to navigate, you kept me updated on the status of my order and the product is wonderful!!
- 3 months ago
Arrived within specified timeframe. Very well made, exactly as described. Would recommend going a size larger if you plan to wear winter socks with them. V comfortable. Would recommend
William Alvarez Sanchez CO158Q161969N - 3 months ago
Clay Croskey - 3 months ago
Started making my feet feel better on the 1st day.
Kelly Hansen - 3 months ago
- 3 months ago
You need to buff the sharp edge across the instep. I used a felt polishing wheel to soften the edga. Great shoes.
Paula Heberlein - 3 months ago
I absolutely love these Clogs. Thank you for living up to your advertising. Wonderful.
Michelle Plante - 3 months ago
Love this company! These are the second pair of clogs I've purchased as gifts and the experience has been great both times. Not to mention how beautiful well crafted the clogs are.
Richard Nave - 3 months ago
These shoes didn't feet my feet, I sent an email and never got a responds to the best of my knowledge, let me know if you want a copy of it. Richard Nave Wed, Dec 30, 2020, 2:54 PM to info Greetings and Happy New Year! I just received a pair of your clogs and I have a question concerning sizing. My feet move around a lot in the shoe and the clog will fall off while walking down stairs if I'm not careful. Is this natural and will improve over time or is my foot just to narrow? The length of the shoe seems to be fine. Thank you, Richard Nave Order# #500011481
Kathleen Carbone - 3 months ago
The most comfortable shoes ever! I am now the proud owner of 6 pairs of Troentorp clogs. If someone is looking for comfort and style then this is the way to go! Thank you Troentorp!!!!!
Patricia Silveira - 3 months ago
- 8 months ago
Quick delivery and quality product.
Debbie Fabry - 8 months ago
Great product, excellent customer service.
Beverley Strain - 9 months ago
I saw a post about Troentorp clogs on Instagram. I was in the market for some sturdy, good quality clogs so I decided to give these a try. I had to order a size up (I have flat, odd shaped feet) and they are a perfect fit!! I get so much support from the wooden base, and the leather upper doesn't cut into the top of my foot. I can walk in these all day!! Can't wait to get another pair!!
Lewis Whitfield - 9 months ago
quick international shipping and great clogs
- 9 months ago
The shoes hurt the top of my feet at the cut off, and I could barely walk in them. Customer service was helpful and responsive. They even recommended another style that would not cause pain due to my high arch (this would be great information to add to the website for customers prior to purchase). However, when I inquired about a return label, I was told that “this is a small company that cannot afford return labels.” This is disappointing and the inconvenience has taken me longer to return the shoe.
Hunter Friedland - 9 months ago
Kimberly Stonaker - 9 months ago
Kimberly Franco - 9 months ago
Alison Green - 9 months ago
I love the olive color. The price was very reasonable. The clogs are well-made. They arrived in two days!! Definitely a five star purchase. I may order another pair in Navy Blue.
- 10 months ago
Love my new clogs! Well made and sturdy.
- 10 months ago
By FAR the MOST COMFORTABLE shoe I have ever worn! Gorgeous materials and superb craftsmanship. If the Swedes make autos as brilliantly as Troentorp makes clogs...I'm getting a Volvo!
Sonja Tillman - 10 months ago
These clogs are so comfortable, their clogs are the only shoes that don't hurt my feet. I have planters fasciitis and comfortable shoes are a blessing.
- 10 months ago
Perfect Service. Quick deliberiert
- 10 months ago
Joe Hovey - 10 months ago
I have purchased a number of clogs from Troentorp over the years. They are consistent in their quality and design. They fit extremely well and made to last a long time. I also love their colors and styles.
Leslie Bary - 10 months ago
I decided these were too stodgy for me and exchanged for Picasso. But I like Troentorp clogs in general for their perfect orthopedic nature.
Julie P. - 10 months ago
Again, they are perfect. This particular clog is a bit narrower, but fits my foot so well. In the US, i wear them barefoot in the summer, but I just throw on a pair of fun socks in the winter. They are perfect. The shipping is so fast...
Lawra - 11 months ago
I had an excellent experience with both customer service and the product. I highly recommend the vegan clogs that i've purchased. They're becoming the most comfortable shoes i've ever owned!
- 11 months ago
María García - 11 months ago
- 11 months ago
- 11 months ago
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