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  1. O'Keefe Dark Blue
    Regular Price $129.00 $99.00
  2. Klein Cheetah Pony
    Regular Price $139.00 $99.00
  3. Munch Orange Waxy Suede
    Regular Price $139.00 $99.00
  4. Audubon Brown Pull Up
    Regular Price $147.00 $99.00
  5. Safety Pine Green
    Regular Price $150.00 $109.00
  6. Andersson Rosewood
    Regular Price $139.00 $99.00
  7. Rembrandt Pistachio Green
    Regular Price $99.00 $79.00
  8. Rembrandt Beige Canvas
    Regular Price $127.00 $99.00
  9. Hopper Black
    Regular Price $139.00 $99.00
  10. Sigrid Black Suede
    Regular Price $199.00 $139.00
  11. Rockwell Scarlet Red
    Regular Price $199.00 $159.00
  12. Rembrandt Brown Veg
    Regular Price $145.00 $99.00
  13. Hopper Brown
    Regular Price $139.00 $99.00
  14. Wright Black Veg
    Regular Price $145.00 $99.00
  15. Mary Jane Brown Pull Up
    Regular Price $127.00 $89.00

15 Items

Set Descending Direction

Clogs on sale

Our sale page brings a variety of clogs at discounted prices all year round. Browse through our clog sale collection and pick a pair of traditional Swedish handcrafted clogs, sandals or boots for women, men, or kids. All sizes may not be available in every style so please use the size filter to view the clogs on sale available in your size. The clog sale page includes models in a wide selection of leathers and colors, and made on our Original, Ideal and Mid bottoms, every pair of our wooden shoes is carefully nailed by hand with the same care, guaranteeing you a natural and comfortable feeling throughout the seasons. If you have any questions, please email Anna-Lena at [email protected]